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Autumnal Colors

Today was a great day to get out and photograph some of the Autumnal foliage colors.  They are really starting to ramp up towards their peak in the Lower Hudson Valley Catskill region of New York.  If you have any chance to get out in the next week you will really be in for a colorful treat.  Cameras used here are a Sony A7iii with the FE2.8/ 70-200 GM OSS and the Zenmuse X5S with an Olympus 25mm M.Zuiko Digital mounted on an Inspire 2.


Fall colors

The Eastern side of a Hudson River crossing with a beautiful display of Fall colors.


Fall colors

Beautiful Fall colors exploding in the Lower Hudson Valley NY


Fall foliage

Fall foliage with a lone seagull


marine traffic

The Industrial Strength General Cargo Ship with beautiful Fall foliage as the backdrop.



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