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What differentiates you from all the other realtors? Mostly, it comes down to personality and marketing. Unfortunately, it becomes difficult to project your personality to potential clients when they only see home listings online. You must step up your marketing plan and incorporate aerial photography and video to your listing.  Read on . . .

One of the biggest appeals of using aerial photography in real estate right now is the buzz it brings to the listing. Aerial photographs are much more dramatic and captivating to your clients. It can disclose the size of a majestic home and the scenery it has to offer when it is on a large piece of property, where a standard image may make it look like an ordinary two-story house. Aerial images allow you to capture the homes layout and outdoor amenities from different angles in addition to the property lines. Hard to reach places are easily shown to your clients. Many agents focus on the interior of the home, and while these are mission critical, many potential home buyers want to see the area around the property in relation to the neighborhood, schools, parks, golf courses, bodies of water, other landmarks and local amenities. While you can also discover these concepts from Google Earth, keep in mind, images are not recent and typically are very grainy. Most of the time, this data can be older than a year or more. Many changes can happen over this time. With up to date aerial photography, you can rely on recent imagery showing what is going on now. Videos accomplished by drone allows prospective buyers get a better idea of what the property “feels” like before they visit it. Interested in a virtual tour? We can create virtual tours of homes interiors, businesses, neighborhoods or even counties.

Developers and venture capitalists need to see large tracts of land and existing structures which are open to development. The surrounding landscape is also critical as this could influence factors such as roads and other buildings. Aerial photography also allows all team members to monitor the progress of a project until it is brought to fruition. Towns are now using this concept to give transferees who want to move to a new town, a welcoming snapshot of what the town has to offer.


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