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Offering HDR Imaging, Branded & Non-Branded Virtual Tours, Weekly Sellers Report, Short URL for Print Marketing Inclusion, Tour Vibes Lead Capture as part of our basic service. No other brings this much value to the table. Check our Packages for our Tier 2 & 3 products including additional services you can purchase.

If you are a seller, you need the best possible photos of your home. If you are a buyer, chances are you bypass listings that have less than adequate images. All real estate, whether commercial or residential , is bought and sold online. When you have images that provide detail and clarity, buyers will respond to these. It is likely they will bookmark the listing for further review or share the listing with family and friends.

Whether you are a real estate agent or you are selling your home on your own, here are five very important reasons why you should hire AP3 to get the images you deserve.

1. Professional photos are a great first impression

As a realtor, images matter and your listing photos will reflect on your image. Whether it is just interior and exterior or you want a full video production, it is critical to get someone who knows what to photograph and what angles work best. In addition to capturing the detail and elegance of your home by ground based photography, AP3 includes aerial photography in some of our packages.  An image or video is a very reliable way to show how the home sits on the property, what the property layout is, in addition, how it relates to neighboring properties and close by amenities. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

2. FACT – MLS listings sell faster with professional photography

  • Homes priced up to $300,000 sell up to 12 days faster,
  • Homes priced to $400,000 sell 19 days faster,
  • and homes up to $500,000 will sell 23 days faster.

3. Social Media Sells!

If you have the images, social media is an excellent avenue to promote and channel your listing to the prospective buyers; for FREE.  Today’s social media platforms really engage users and should always be considered a critically important tool to present your listing images.  The ability to share to hundreds of people with just a few clicks can exponentially expand your target audience.  Then consider they, too, can share the images.  All of this for pennies on the dollar.  But you need the images!

4. Time and money well spent

Most importantly, this will save you time and money in the long run by allowing you to concentrate on the sale. Perhaps meeting a client or showing another home, for instance.  AP3 has your images ready to download in 24 to 36 hours, in addition, ready for you to upload to an MLS of your choice.  AP3 offers a number of different photo packages that will accommodate your budget.

5. Professional quality and know-how

The knowledge of appropriate angles, lighting and editing that a professional provides will set you apart from your competition.  AP3 uses the latest full frame imaging equipment with multiple lenses to effectively capture each room.  Our post process editing is all part of each package.  We can also provide 360° viewing of each room in combination with a tour.

In addition to real estate photography, we also do construction site photography, floor plans, public and private events, equipment asset management, virtual tours, remote roof assessment imagery and solar farm imagery. We offer many applications for our special skill set. Please contact us to discuss your project details. There is never a cost to get an estimate. Secure your booking date with AP3 online.